Corrections and Additions

June 2018

– Devoli valley is absolutely destroyed by dam construction

– gravel road Bischnica – Kukur along Lukova lakes is destroyed by land slip. I crossed it, but on KTM EXC…

After this winter (2019) I don\’t have information, but mountains in Albania are wild and wild year by year. People move to cities and mountain roads are not maintained.

May 2012

Safety warning: I do not recommend sleeping out alone in the area roughly delineated by the Kosovo border, the towns of Bajram Curri, Fierze, Kukës, Mustafaj, Radomirë, and the Drinit i Zi river. The residents of this area are different from other Albanians and they have strong separatist tendencies relating to Kosovo. Similarly as in the rest of Albania, they have illegal weapons. In fact I recommend staying overnight with locals for the whole of Albania. Drive up to a building, say hello, point to a meadow nearby and camp there. It is silly to think that if you sneak off somewhere, nobody knows about you. Everyone across the entire mountain range knows you\’re there.

Route 34. Frasheri from the hot springs – We managed to pass through in a car, but the mass of fallen rock at Gostivishi is very difficult and there are more landslide areas in front of Ogren. I drowned my car in exactly the same spot where I drowned my motorcycle nearly 10 years ago, when a mule had to drag me out of the mud. Practicable only in dry conditions and better on a motorcycle.

Route 27. Gjerbës – Devoli – A mass of fallen rock on the slope between the memorial on the ridge and the Tomorricës river, impassable.

Route 28. Gjerbës and Tomorricës river – The exit from the river near Karpic village is now about 300 meters further downstream.

Route 12. Shupenzë – Selishtë The turn-off point from the main road has moved by some 300 meters. I also added two additional landmarks.

Shup_011 N41 33.215 E20 25.459 Turn-off from Homesh to Selisht
PassSel N41 36.538 E20 20.113 Pass Selisht – Homes
Shup-51 N41 37.116 E20 16.660 Turn-off at Selisht


Route 6. Gulag

I apologize to everyone for this route. I tried to drive through using my own route description and I kept losing my way. My excuse is that I described the route according to a route made as part of the Albania Rally.

Corrections are there.